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05-12-2012, 09:50 AM
I kinda enjoy Cap and Hold (I almost exclusively play it), since it's like a giant arena with no kill limit, and people focussing on differrent objectives other than just killing one another. Quite like it when you get several different battles scattered around the map, or finding a lone ship capturing a point being a perfect ambush target.

Really enjoy the variety this mode brings. I don't find it takes too long at all, but maybe I'm just more patient than others... at the very least, even if it does take long it's time spent in a fun way.

Originally Posted by dribyelruh View Post
  • More feedback. Have an actual cap meter that shows progress as opposed to the vague graphical representation.
  • Make capping more important. You can do this by adding bonuses to different cap points. For example:
    • Controlling the shipyard could slowly spawn a dreadnought. This would also have a visible progress meter. This can be interrupted by decapping the shipyard.
    • Controlling sensor array can add a significant sensor and stealth detect bonus for your team.
    • Lab can add a team wide 15% damage buff, or maybe a 5% CritH buff.
    • Refinery can add a team wide 15% health buff, or perhaps a buff to resists.
Pretty much agree with most of your post, particularly this. We definitely need some sort of idea to see how close we are to capturing/decapturing a point. A progress bar would be great feedback to players, as currently it's quite difficult to determine how captured something is, and which team 'owns' the point. I also like the different points give different bonuses, as it'll give more of an incentive to capture various places.

This would make C&H awesome.

Originally Posted by dribyelruh View Post
In terms of making things more fun for people who want to pew:[list][*]Just like with STFs, make the respawn timer increase with more deaths. Make killing and dieing more meaningful!
Absolutely not.

It sucks in STFs (I've actually been on pug teams where everyone else had nearly hit the max respawn time limit!), and I can't even begin to imagine how it'd be in PvP. It'd be too easy for one team to overpower the other.

Imagine you have a couple of people on your team who are not so good. They die quickly. Then again... and again. Pretty soon they're at the 2 minute cap. Now for a good two minutes, your team is down a few people. Essentially two ships are out of the fight, and thus makes the team a few members short. Makes it a bit easier for the other team to overpower the other.

At least without the timer, those people who tend to die quick can return soon after. Sure, they may not do much, but are at least helping contribute in some way. Even if that means being another target to absorb FAW, colliding with all the mines, or being such a target that for a brief moment it distracts peoples fire. Every little adds up to a team effort.

Every so often in a Cap and Hold, you get the entire enemy team balling up and just moving about the map killing anything in their way. Having been on both sides of this (being part of the ball and being killed by it), I can say it's not much fun. It'll be even less fun if due to the numerous deaths, your entire team may end up sat with 2 minutes worth of timer. 2 minutes of no opposition, enough time to get quite a lead. At least if they're going around killing (and being distracted), they're ignoring the points.

In the face of such a team currently, you can quickly respawn and spread out around the map attempting to capture points.

Keep these timers out of PvP. It's flat out retarded.