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05-12-2012, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by Fewzz View Post
This is what id love to see, the ships in STO have never really had any customisation shame as the Characters do, like the Oddy, why didnt they at least give each type differant Naccelles etc.
Ody is a new ship. She need more time on "service" to give new variants (she have "versions" not variants). The deflector, warp core, nacelles are the best, in this momment. With time, we can see another equipment more modderm. Excelsior needed a long road to see new variants, the same occurs with the rest of ships.

Now, is more easy, get a new variant or upgrade from Assault Cruiser (a refit) than se another Ody with cosmetic changes only for time line coherency.

Thanks to everybody for fun, sorry for my bad english.