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05-13-2012, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by TheWackyWombat View Post
Although you could try and build it with cannons, the base turn rate makes it very difficult to use even with a RCS..
The combat mode gives the ship a great turn rate of about 23.0 so you could use cannons.

I went for the FAW boat option to help combat carrier spam. I don't have too much of an issue of energy drain thanks to engineering captain powers and EPtWeapons 1.

(Engineer captain )

Forward: 4 phaser arrays
Aft: 4 phaser arrays

1 Neutronium Alloy, x2 EPS
1 Battle Mod 3000, Theta Vent, Borg console
X3 phaser consoles.

Borg deflector,
Borg engines
MACO shield

Ensign tac: tac team 1
Lt commander tac. Tac team 1, fire at will 2, fire at will 3.
Commander engineer: EPt weapons 1, RSP, EPt shields 3, Aux to SIF 3
Lt engineer: EPt Weapons 1, EPt shields 2
Lt sci: hazards 1, transfer shields 2.

I find cycling tac team 1 and EPt shields + EPt weapons to be great for a good mix of DPS and tank.

The marauder is one of my favorite looking ships from TNG. System wise it's the sort of ship I wish the execlsior was.