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05-13-2012, 02:11 AM
I like it.

It's technical. There's a flow to it (no idea how it works, but it reminds me of a 60s nuclear aircraft engine prototype, using reactor heat to drive a turbine). It looks exactly like the Atrox carrier's drive system if you can imagine scaling this up a thousand times and putting it through a Star Trek designer's board.

Best of all I like it because about 6-7 years back I had a discussion with a US Army attack helo pilot about Cold War era nuclear propelled aircraft.

We were doing collaborative sci fi game design and I proposed using a centreline mounted plasma reactor as a sort of dual purpose space and atmospheric propulsion system. In space it powers ship systems, weapons and thrusters, in atmosphere the heat generated by the reactor would itself allow the hollow centre of the vessel as a sort of ramjet for limited duration supersonic flight.

I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back saying there was a 'nuclear turbojet' back in the day that functioned on the same principle. Reactor as a heating element.

And there's your troll protection. There's nothing flawed about this concept. Infact, in another alternative universe, Earth could very well have created nuclear propelled air and spacecraft, and we'd see such engines in widespread use by now in that mirror universe.