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05-13-2012, 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by Angelus214 View Post
wow thats alot of info ok so here goes

Manx - Having 2 copies of CRF is a pretty common move; I'd give that a try,

wouldnt they share a CD??
Yes they do, but the system cooldown is only 15 seconds where as the skill cooldown at max points is 30s so you can fire it twice in 30s as opposed to once in 30s.

Originally Posted by Angelus214 View Post
EDIT: forgot to mention on the subject of turrets im thinking about gettin the thunderchild one my only concern is that on occasion i want a hvy plasma to hit me so i can drop a cube quick any1 know if it can be temporarily turned off?
The thunderchild's console needs to be activated so it won't be always on.

I'd also recommend dropping the Red Matter Capacitor and running maybe a Shield battery or a Deuterium Surplus