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05-13-2012, 04:03 AM
oh, PS: I tried playing in rpg mode, but that mode just isnt for me... My gaming heritage comes from first person shooters... (and strategy games... ); so I use Shooter mode instead.

Not perfect? yes... More fun (and more control; which I like... )? Yes..., and somehow the camera doesnt suit me either, when in rpg mode you constantly have to move your camera around with your mouse (and holding down a mouse button... which I find tiresome for my one finger pressing the button..., and shooter mode alleviates this)

RPG or shooter mode? Its just a personal preference.

Oh, and by the way; on the barge of the dead you have to fight a certain named Lord... I actually have more problems with him then I do with Fek'Ihr...

Just load up on hypo's and weapons (well, the 2 you can carry anyway... )

Compression pistols are kewl... the secondary fire has a chance to knockback foes (well, from the uncommon ones upwards...) It is a short range sniper pistol...