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05-13-2012, 05:13 AM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
Seriously! I was also miffed about it's blueness! I mean, look at it! The entire thing is very blue and blue oriented. So are we to expect all Catian ships to be this color? I'm a bit upset that they didn't use a bit of a more neutral color like the normal grey, now it seems some dev decided that the Catian race likes blue...

Blue? You have a problem with blue deflectors and bussards? That's the only blue on it, making it very UFP. If anything the irredescing reds are way too Klingony. It's a purplish-brown, which also lends to looking very Vulcan. The general design reminds me a wee bit of the T'Pau class, of which I am a big fan. That and Romulan ships have lots of Green plasma lighting, not blue. Remans have that cyan-ish color going on.

Perhaps some of the design is in honor of the Reman's struggle for their freedom. Caiti is in that general region. Anyone know if the Caitians were also under Romulan rule at some earlier point? Just wondering. That may/maynot be a contributing factor. Either way I say, "Keep up the awesome work JamJamz".

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Even the Terran Empire uses the Jupiter-class dreadnought:

Just my 2 Cents.
That is so awesome. ;;D