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05-13-2012, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by Farginaut View Post
Blue? You have a problem with blue deflectors and bussards? That's the only blue on it, making it very UFP. If anything the irredescing reds are way too Klingony. It's a purplish-brown, which also lends to looking very Vulcan. The general design reminds me a wee bit of the T'Pau class, of which I am a big fan. That and Romulan ships have lots of Green plasma lighting, not blue. Remans have that cyan-ish color going on.
I've got no problem with it being blue to start. That's fine. The problem I have is that there are specific parts that remain blue even when specific items that would change the color of any other ship are applied. Take the Reman shields for example, they normally turn the whole hull a greenish-aqua color. On the Atrox, the ship does get changed but many parts remain garishly blue.

It just seems odd that they would make the ship in such a way without allowing any variance of the color.