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Foundry Mission Title: Achaemia: Episode One (ST-HCKSPY9Z2)
Author: Zadama
Minimum: Any Level
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 30 Minutes

Mission Description
When an archaeological survey ship discovers an expanse of Tkon ruins deep within the Arucanis Arm, close to the end of its tour of duty, your ship is dispatched to resupply and assist them.

Sometimes, however, history is better left untouched.

Content: A text heavy, story driven mission with limited combat. If that is an automatic turn off, you have been warned!


I've already recieved a couple of excellent reviews from Foundry authors Tucana and Evil70th, so if you're still on the edge about playing "Achaemia - Episode One", take a look at the reviews and see what you think.