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05-13-2012, 06:23 AM
I didn't say anything about percentages or about me winning all the time. I am talking about the PVP game don't seem to help the average player. When you wantch certain teams that slaughters all the other teams in seconds, taking no damage or getting any casualties , then the game is a bit uneven. Obviously you feel threatened from my comments and that you are an elitest who has something to lose if the game is leveled for everybody.
I'm certainly not elitist, or a "geek coder" (i would say "above average"). But i play PVP with premade grps and Team speak, and ofcourse with everybody having more than average skill. And the best shiplayout you can get without spending money in c-store.
That is basically enough to win, win, win and win in PVP.

As i see it; and you will not see it the same way; the game is more or less balanced for PVP. There are certain BOFF layouts and ships that are just preferable over others for PVP but anybody can use them...even in a free ship. c-store can increase your performance, but only slightly...a bad player will be bad even in an OP ship, while a good player can dominate even in a tin can.

To tactics there is not much to say, just the 5 rules of war by Sun Tzu.

and besides skill there is practise, practise, practise with your team.

It would actually be more injoiable for everybody if there were ranked that players of higher pvp rank only play among each other. A ladder system or something like that.

PS: i certainly don't feel threatened, because my advantages over other player in PVP results of my TEAM, COMMUNICATION and gameplay SKILL. All 3 have nothing to do with the game per se.
When i do PVP alone i fall prey to other premade grps just as anybody else does.

Unfortunately I'm left with the humbling reality that a lot of people really are just better than me.
a lesson our friend still has to learn. I'm gladly offering myself to teach him! should he best me...i shall never comment on PVP issues again!