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05-13-2012, 07:51 AM
in my opinion taking the turnrate, resistance increase away from AUX killed it. The further nerf of sci powers gave it the rest.
Maybe a rewamp of AUX as a energy that can be used as a pwersource to charge all the other powers...while depleting itself and recharging over a certain period of time.

let's say i use aux to enhance weapons, shields, and engines...and by doing so the powerlvl of aux will drop until it reaches 0. now the powerlvls off the other 3 return to normal and the aux starts to recharge again.

in battle this would be utilized to enhance shields, engines, weapons according to the situations.

healing and dmg powers previously affected by AUX would only be affected by the corresponding skill and the system they affect.

TSS, would be affected by the shield powerlvl, cannon rapid fire or fire at will would be affected by weapon power setting (it is anyway)
HE would be affected by the total hullpoints of your ship and hull repair skill.

power transfer rate affects this ability, and shortens recharge time.

every career should have access to it

up to now it's not well thought through, but basically AUX becomes an auxillary energy source for a short time, like batteries are now.
That would free up the device slots for other things like fighters, deuterium tanks and other stuff yet to be invented.