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05-13-2012, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Paneth
Nice way to put some one down guys, "just because you can do something dosent mean you should" makes it sound like he is preforming some great sin or something.
Its not condescension, it's advice.

Carriers in general, and the Atrox in particular, are not optimal ships to load DHC on, regardless of ability or niche areas where it is somewhat effective. I know the tricks, I used to fly a Gal-X with DHCs loaded.

The Atrox in particular lacks the Boff layout to make cannons particularly effective. Not that weapons effectiveness is a high priority in a carrier, but it's an awful lot of work for little gain. Not to mention in the Atrox you get subsystem targeting for free. It might not be much, but its free tac abilities. Beams complement that. And you get to run broadside, which lets you not worry so much about maneuverability, letting you use your boff abilities and console slots to better effect. Remember, maneuverability effects are based on the base turn rate of a ship. The lower the base turn rate, the less effective all of those effects are. Using them on a turn 5 ship doesn't give you the return on investment one would get using them on a faster turning vessel.

One can do what one wants, and experimentation is good. I wouldn't recommend it. I find once gets a better performance by actually building to the ships strengths, rather then trying ineffectually to spec for it's weaknesses.