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05-13-2012, 10:01 AM
Its next to impossible for me to look through 83 pages atm, so i'll just add my wishes.

1 - More hairstyles for Caitians (Both genders), long manes would be extremely nice....

2 - Seven of Nine hands with fur textures for caitians, since current version has skin textures...

3 - Naked hind paws for Caitians along with 4-fingered hands >.< (instead of current furred feet, and 5-fingered hands, also i understand that its highly unlikely since it would require remodeling of many armors' parts...)

4 - Bestial parts for aliens (caitian heads, tails, paws, fur textures)

5 - OMEGA and MACO tail textures (a bit ridiculous when unprotected tail sticks out of hermetically sealed battlesuite)...

7 - More tech head additions (especially for caitians - atm only caitian fems have 7\9 tech additions, males have none at all)

8 - 7\9 boots without high heels (i like how current boots supplements the set, but i always hated high heels, i think heelless 7\9 boots would be great addition to many costume sets).

9 - More shiny (mrrew ^^) costumes textures (like 7\9 costume texture but without those.... ridges)

10 - More long loose and tight pants textures.

11 - Swimsuits and summer suits (hey nobody goes to Risa in admiral uniform >.<)...

12 - Maybe more open pieces for males and females (like shorts, tops, sleeveless jackets, etc...)

13 - looked at previous post and understood that next 5 items where already listed...

19 - Also would be nice to have striped and pure white fur for caitians.