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05-13-2012, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by kimmym
I know the tricks, I used to fly a Gal-X with DHCs loaded.
Except this is a carrier, not a cruiser.

Flying a Science Ship with no turn rate means you have no punch by yourself, punch is given by your fighters or at least the distraction is given by your fighters so you can it it and this is were weapons that are "unsuitable" come into place, torpedoes and cannons.

Considering the only thing in the game to not outmaneuver a Atrox Carrier will be Starbases and weapon emplacements you can forget about trying to maintain a moving target within firing arc, however because of that they will eventually cross into it and burst damage can be achieved, considering the fighters are the main means of attack that means you dont have to care much about suitable damage as your fighters are doing that, meaning you can go with Burst damage and just be patient until you can fire, does not matter much if your chances are few because your ship by itself is just support, suitable damage come for the fighters.

This is why many players load the Vo'quv with dual cannons.