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05-13-2012, 12:15 PM
Kinda amusing that someone dug this thread out from under a week of dust, but whatever.

When I say RPG I think of 20 years of JRPGs or playing Champions Online where you basically stand there taking turns slugging it out and occasionally healing. Plus with the enemy AI on this game always charging to melee range even if packing sniper rifles, and completely ignoring whatever you do, or the existence if your away team, and most attacks being undodgeable (shooting even through walls), most attempts at tactics fail utterly. And of course your friendly AI is so dumb, aggros everything, and couldn't pathfind its way out of a room with one door, I find the game easier when they aren't around. So stand there, trade hits, occasionally heal. Why I hate ground combat.

As for the strafing thing, well when the clown tries to melee constantly and you're always moving, it just becomes a question of wearing down all that HP. Still, 40k HP? Thats more than my Hegh'ta.