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05-13-2012, 12:50 PM
well on elite, you really need to take out the more vulnerable enemys first, and deal with the captains or commanders of a grp after that.
i dont find the ground combat as enjoyable as space combat, but it has some magic moments which require some tactics. (on elite that is)

but the situations where you just die, without knowing what hit you exist too. all in all the ground combat is neither good nore very's there, thats it.
i enjoy puzzles instead of real's more star trek anyway. I love talking my way out of difficult situations rather than fighting.
i think that boss in particular was intended to be fought with melee weapon, to make it more epic i guess. But the melee combat doesn't provide that comabt feeling. if there only were a "block" function.

But on normal they made it soooo easy that it really doesnt bother anybody, and those who do it on elite know how to do it anyway.