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05-13-2012, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
Any claim of the type "ship type X is only for role A" is not very well thought through.
You want a more detailed reasoning?

A Science Ship usually have higher turn rate that a Cruiser and can attack rather well, even with less weapons and lower tactical stations that a Escort they can be used offensive with just their weapons.

This carrier however lacks such turn rate, by itself it cannot be used in the same matter as a Science Ship because its handling is closer to a cruiser but it also lacks a cruiser weapons capabilities, so it handles like a cruiser and have the firepower of a science ship.

Its a support ship on its own, however it have hangars and can launch fighters, this its main means of attack ... if you are using one without launching fighters then what you get? a support ship.

Look at all the Science abilities, what they are? Support but the difference is as a Intrepid-class uses those abilities to support itself, the Atrox cannot really do that because it simply CANNOT outmaneuver its opposition, this is were fighters come in.

Unless you are going to tell me you can fly the Atrox the same as you can with the Intrepid and I dont think I am being unfair about this because stations wise the Atrox is better (higher Eng station and a higher science station in exchange of the ensign station) but in flight performance the Intrepid is better (higher turn) and of course, the Intrepid have SA, the Atrox lacks it.