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05-13-2012, 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym
My Atrox is tanking like a champ. Between ES3, sub system targeting, and polaron procs, I essentially shut down whatever I'm pointing at. I have A2SIF3, HE3, TSS2, ST1, and EP2S1+2, not to mention the borg 2+3 piece bonus. I'm tanking better then I ever did in my cruisers.

Just some food for thought, if you were holding out on the Atrox because you wanted something tankier.
I'd like to know how you get A2SIF3 on a lieutenant commander BOFF. I'm sure you meant A2SIF2.

I've no doubt you can tank in the Atrox, but engineering slots imo are better for tanking as they're kinda instant heals, vs HoT of the science ones. But yeah everyone's different.

I'm typically running with ET1, A2SIF2, EptS3, EptA1, RSP, AB1 (for weapon de-buff), Ewp3, PH1, HE1, TSS2, TT1, FAW2.
Not really a pure tank build but I want some offensive otherwise it's just a stand off or you can't tank forever.
I mainly only run STFs and in that respect its a fantastic setup. With borg 2 set piece and KHG shield + deflector gives bonus aux power and crew resiliency which helps in extended fights for passive hull heal rate.

And with my turn rate of 12 (after skills etc applied), I can manage my shield facings better.