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05-13-2012, 08:36 PM
Yup, gonna have to argue. You did miss a few really cool things even if they weren't earth-shattering.

The 2800 may not have been the greatest thing ever, but it did introduce us to a number of new game mechanics. Cardassian control panels, space suits and walking around space environments, an amazing prison map, a new social zone (which looks amazing but could use a little more functionality) and some surprizing new behavior out of changeling enemies.

Yeah, Utopia Planetia and the new Odessey-class starship. The Klingons got a shiny new flagship at the same time. All look amazing and have their perks. Both the Odessey and the Bortas have made their splash in the Pvp circles as ppl try to figure out the best setup for them.

If you don't like player made missions, then the fact is you haven't played the right ones. Many of those player made missions out there run circles around the randomized "Explore Unknown System" missions you have to look forward to at end-game. But, in fairness, it is a matter of preference. I'm just saying, if you're waiting for Cryptic to put out an amazing number of new and exciting missions, you'll get a few once in a while. Or you can try some of the user generated stuff that comes out on a daily basis and keep busy with that until Cryptic releases a new FE series. Your call, but painting all UGC with one brush is really shorting yourself on content. Kind of like saying there's nothing to eat, when in reality there is plenty, but you'd just prefer something different.

I'll grant you there's still plenty of room for improvement in this game, but I wouldn't say that the last six months have been a complete and total wash.