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05-13-2012, 10:28 PM
Originally Posted by foundrelic
I was running my Sci in KA space normal.

Busting my *** keeping probes clear on my side while the other four in the STF, all members of the same fleet mind you, were working on the left side.

A probe gets through on the left.

I pop my group and gun it (As fast as I can with red alert active) to hold the lefts probes, pop those and then barely make it with a GW2 to stop probes on my side.

The four are still derping on the same transformer, apparently two spheres are too much for the four of them.

One finally breaks off and starts covering their probes.

At this point 4 have made it through all from the left side.

I pay attention to my side, pop some generators in between probes and clear my spheres, mind you, I'm a Science officer (cooldowns and all that), juggling probes and spheres and I clear them with little difficulty. I notice our count is up to 8 probes of ten.

Not a single gate has dropped yet.

"Guys you've got to keep on the probes over there if ten make it hrough this thing fails and we get NOTHING"

No reply.

I can't get to them in time and two more from their side get through, we lose.

I calmly explain that you can't rely on a single person to guard both sides, between cooldowns and the red alert engine slow down it's not going to work out.

Two of them agree with me one says nothing and yet another starts blaming the failure on me.

It was my fault apparently that their fleet is made up of people so inept that it takes FOUR of the to clear ONE Transformer/Generator.

If I can solo two spheres while juggling probes in my Intrepid Retro they should be able to rip the left side fo the map apart with four players two of which were in escorts.
I had a similar story in KA normal, lucky my tac escort has the dps to kill normal probe easy. Only 2 got thru before I realized they weren't checking the probe on the other side. So just kept killing probe on both side until they finally got the other gate. When they come on my side they don't even get the sphere of my back. Anyway, killed all the probe and the sphere that poped out the gate. That match took forever ....

Some peoples need to read missions objectives..............