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05-13-2012, 11:33 PM
Originally Posted by innuwarrior
I had a similar story in KA normal, lucky my tac escort has the dps to kill normal probe easy. Only 2 got thru before I realized they weren't checking the probe on the other side. So just kept killing probe on both side until they finally got the other gate. When they come on my side they don't even get the sphere of my back. Anyway, killed all the probe and the sphere that poped out the gate. That match took forever ....

Some peoples need to read missions objectives..............
A common problem.

To counter this I'll bring along a friend to team queue. She takes the left and I take the right and we post tactical directions and updates on team chat. Doesn't matter if they don't chat back; active chatter and useful updates from us both have a great effect on boosting team morale and effectiveness. Sort of like a 'model conversation' to prove that some brains are being used even if its a PUG.

Likewise on Cure, I trust she or I to guard and heal the Kang effectively and we send all the other PUGs to go storm the front.

Each map has its own crucial station and by doing them myself or assigning a trusted wingman to the task, it doesn't matter how badly the rest fail. Those who need help get a polite invitation to visit me on DSK7 for a friendly chat to test and optimize their ship builds. Don't really care if its a tac, sci or eng boat, I've flown and love them all.

Oh and usually the newer players don't refuse the offer. I let them tell me the reason for their rainbow boating or suicidal scientific ship piloting, and tell them how to make them into effective DPSers and riot police. My favourite is proving a sci toon too can utterly dominate an STF without too much effort.