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05-13-2012, 11:40 PM
While a number a player made missions are pretty epic the official content from the devs has been seriously unimpressive over the last 6 months:
2800 Series: Launched with seemingly zero QA undertaken, improved slightly but minimal replay value. Most innovative element was a tile shuffling mini-game. Oh yeah don't expect any more made as they don't have a direct ROI.
Alpha: One single KDF mission which is a rip off from Predators... And based off of that our glorious leader claims the KDF has a full levelling content.
Vault Shuttle event: time gated shuttle mission.
Lobi Crystal Store: yay, another monetized currency.
Dilithium Mining Store: meh, 20 minutes fiddling about with a mini game.
DOFF expansion: Nice but just a point and click mini game with no real thought involved. Can log on nice a month and still 'win'.

Basically if it doesn't directly involve making money for the devs it gets a bare nod and excuse about resources. But don't worry 'exciting' things are on the way... Pathetic.