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05-14-2012, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by tom_riker01 View Post
To answer the OP'ers question: Nope, reverse shield polarity doesn't need additional counters. It doesn't have a very long duration, SNB kills it instantly and if enough ppl kill their energy weapons while unleashing torpedoes on the target ship, the benefit of RSP goes out the window. One just has to be paying attention.

So, nope. No more counters needed. In my opinion, anyways.
You're vastly overestimating the usefulness of torpedoes against a ship that is still shielded. You cannot fire enough torpedoes to compensate for the fact that their damage is reduced by 75 % against shields. Due to the torpedo cooldown mechanics, you can't even build a "torpedo boat" that fires nothing but a stream of torps.

Feel free to bring 4 friends and try it out a few times if you don't believe me. I'd even be your RSP punching bag.