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05-14-2012, 04:17 AM
Originally Posted by Shakes-Fist-At-Sky
I'm a sci in a Tac Odyssey and I run 6 AP beams and 2 Quantum torps. I don't run EPtW as I put a Tac in the Lt Cmdr universal slot and I need my Engineering slots for tanking abilities.

I may have to consider moving an Engineer in there though just to run EptW and DEM but I do not want to lose APB and APO in the process. Opinions?
Personally I wasn't too thrilled about DEM with beams. First it has a rather long CD, second I never really saw that much of a benefit with it - even using DEM 3. You could try to chain DEM 2+3, however you'll lose yet another important slot you could fit with stuff like ASIF or Extend Shields.

Back to topic:
I think six beams is more or lest the best way to go. I've been using 8x Beam Arrays on my Excelsior, being an Engineer Captain and even with 2x EPtW1 chaining plus 2x EPS consoles it ain't easy to keep the weapon energy on decent levels. Nadion sure helps, so does other modificators like batteries, however I wasn't too thrilled with this 8x setup.