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05-14-2012, 07:07 AM
Shield Power is probably the second best energy level. but Weapon power still beats it.
If you need more shield power, Emergency Power to Shields is the power of choice. It is better than trying to keep weapon power up with Emergency Power to Weapons, since EptW will give you a small damage boost for 5-10 seconds (in addition to the power level boost), but EPtS gives you a significant shield resistance buffs for its entire duration (30 seconds). You can cycle any two of the Emergency Powers to get 100 % uptime. That's why I always say people should absolutely slot 2 Emergency Power to Shields. STF Borgs have neither subnucleonic beam nor Shield Neutralizers as well, so EptS is really the perfect choice.

Also, in PvE, to draw aggro, you need to bring damage, otherwise the NPCs wil lsimply shoot at the guy that brings more damage. So you still need high weapon power. If you can't bring that damage, you probably need a mix of shield and Aux so that you can heal your allies with Aux2SIF, Extend Shields, Transfer SHield Strength, Hazard Emitters and Engineering Team.