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05-14-2012, 07:25 AM
I guess I've done so many STF's I can't remember which one was actually the worst. However, a few weeks ago I was doing Infected elite with a PUG. Mistake, I know... Now I was fairly new to elites at this point but I knew how to go about taking down the cubes first, generators to 10% etc etc. So I thought I'd put that info in the chat for the benefit of others who may be on their first elite run or be unfamiliar with the tactics. Well you can guess what happened... first gen popped really quick, I desperately tried to keep the nanite spheres away from the transformer but was hopeless. We spent nearly 10 minutes just trying to clear that first half. No matter what I said there was a total lack of willingness to read the team chat and they just fired away at whatever they wanted. I didn't want to leave because I'd get the dreaded timer lock me out of STF's for an hour or so. Stuck with it, died a little inside by the time we mopped up the tac cube and the gate. Never played with such a hopeless bunch of noobs in all my life. I can understand people making mistakes, but when help is freely given and visible if they just read chat....