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05-14-2012, 07:39 AM
Same people same old gripes(balance, consols blah blah blah) nothing changes. Gozer i take it you mean Random teaming from the PvP Qs, if so will Teams that are grouped up when they Q be split up?.
AS a long time Gamer can i say that most of the PvP games that enjoyed longevity had one common factor. Have a look at the Mech Warrior series It was PvP only and what kept it going over 10 years? (actually still going )
RvR... RvR keeps people interested and they bring in mates and entire teams It brings in Statigists and tacticians people who may not be the best pilots but can enjoy the game with their particular talents, it brings in mature players who in reality are the bread and butter of a Stable community. Ohh RvR? Realm vs Realm The eternal battle to capture defend and recapture territory from the opposing Faction.
STO is the perfect vehicle and universe for RvR. Dozens of factions thousands of planets sectors.
RvR for the dedicated Gamers, Arenas for the casual player great mix.
How to finance it? not p2w pls perhaps some sort of ingame advertising?
Hope this helps