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05-14-2012, 08:14 AM
So I know this topic has aged a bit but I wanted to give people who've played Bishop's Crook and are waiting for the next part of the story an update. I started working on Part 2 quite a while ago, and had to put it down do to RL issues. At present, I'm holding out for the Season 6 release before I proceed with the story arc -- the Devs have indicated there will almost certainly be new content at least, probably new tools for controlling triggers and dialog, and possibly even specific facilities for presenting a set of missions as a UGC "featured episode series" of sorts.

Once S6 is out, I do intend to remaster Bishop's Crook (none of the story will change, it will probably just be improvements to the environments and some additional alternate dialog choices... I got some very fair critiques that most of the environments are plain and several people would prefer alternative dialog options to the colloquialisms I used when I made the mission) and then bear down on part 2, Buried Treasure. Part of the thing holding me back is how to implement a very complicated puzzle in part 2, so I'm holding out for S6 goodies.

I will however still release standalone missions (and I have an idea for a sort of "reverse story arc," which are standalone missions that actually tell a story arc when you think about the events in the reverse order as you experienced them)... so in the event I actually do have fans who are really really interested in my missions (one can only hope) I will ramp up my output of UGC content now, even before S6 releases.