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05-14-2012, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by Trueheart
Trying to "force" people who don't like PVP into doing it simply so they can do a mission isn't going to be well for the game. Gozer could send me a check for $100 each week and I still wouldn't PVP....
i said the same about pve some months ago .. and you know what? i did farm the stupid stfs to get the rewards .... and no, it isn't fun to do that.

well, you really have balls to come here and say that .

the only problem i see is that you said it shouldn't affect the development of other parts of the game. what does that mean? i read this as cryptic is still not willing to put ressources into pvp. if you really wanna change something, make it big. put some efforts (means time, money ..) into it. i doubt that there is a easy and cheap solution which will work. sure, in the worst case it's as bad as now .. in the best case it's a shocking new pvp experience which is widely accepted by the playerbase. you can't lose if you go the cheap way. but honestly, i don't think it will work that way.

if you ask me sto pvp needs:

- a complete rework of space balancing (probably ground too, go ask some ground guys)
- rewards
- new game modes/maps
- leaderboards
- a reason that fleets bring premades into pvp

i could imagine that if you have a fleet in the top 5 or 10 of the monthly leaderboard you get some special rewards for your starbase. maybe some special ships which can only be crafted this way or other nice stuff. same could work for a 1 vs 1 leaderbord or territory control ..

but that would invole a huge amount of ressources .. i'm not sure if you (cryptic) are willing to do that. if not, you can also just let pvp die if you ask me. altough i wish you luck ..