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05-14-2012, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by m0nk3yb1z1u
PvP needs to die, for the sake of the rest of the game.
Usually the easiest way is the wrong one... Sadly that you dont see it.

Dear Gozer,

What about creation of a league system, where the players (and I am talking about players, NOT toons) earn points for participating in PvP and start moving up to more "profesional" leagues, allowing the new players or least experienced to play against their equals and not agains some brutal premades who enjoy doing a 15-0 as fast as they can, using glitches like the "spawn camping".

I think this would greatly help new players and will help them to build their confidence in PvP.

We could even have ranks, per character and per fleet. Also, to have some competitive PvP we should have a way to create tournaments, for example, when creating a Private PvP match, to have some place for an observer or a referre who can see everyone on the game just for controlling porpuses.

Also, to encourage participating in higer PvP leagues, the prizes should be better when playing the higher ones, encouraging players to learn to play and to start winning matches in order to ascend in to the rank system.

What happens when you want to PvP with a team formed by a high ranking player and one low rank player?

I think that can be solved easily by playing in the league of the highes rank player and everyone gets prices as if playing in their own league.

Leagues could be like this:


And a small circle with the colour of your rank should be displayed to the side of your name when playing PvP.

Off course there is a chance of descending to lower leagues if you lose points by losing many matches or something similar to that.

I dont know, this is just an idea that came to my mind, sorry if it is a bit messy but I think the general idea can be understood pretty easily.

Thank you very much for reading.