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05-14-2012, 10:47 AM
Engine contrails (well, ion trails, plasma trails ... whatever) from nacelles and impulse engines disappeared for many players with the implementatiuon of the 19/4 patch. Borg, Aegis, MACO and Breen sets still show. Implulse engine trails will appear when at Full Impulse.

This seems to affect only some players. My guess, and this is purely deductive supposition, is that it has something to do with which DX version a player's comp is running. What's interesting is that the change occured wuth the 19/4 patch.

What's also interesting is that there has been NO communication from Cryptic whatsoever about this situation even though there are at least two threads about it the Graphic Bugs Forum.

Some players like them ... some players don't. Personally, I like the extra impression of movement and speed that they portray and would like them back.