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05-14-2012, 10:39 AM
Ground PvPs seem alright to me. Being able to jump around or hide behind a building while shields recharge helps people who don't have a ton of abilities or amazing weapons. Seems nobody's ever in the ground ones though.

Space is another matter. I hate the space ones; I'm always on the losing team. My team always has 1 or 2 fewer players than the other team. If I'm fighting Klingons, then my ship can literally be destroyed in 1-2 seconds. Sometimes it won't even take that long - I'll be flying around and then BAM! I explode. Don't know what the hell hit me but it must've been good. Playing other Federation players is better, but if your team has fewer players and/or newer players with weaker ships and less knowledge of abilities, you're still screwed.

From my perspective there's just a serious skills mismatch. I can fight Undine ships and those Romulan Defender warbirds on my own just fine, but in half these PvPs I can't even make a dent in another player's shields. Maybe it makes me a noob or something that I'm more interested in missions and whatnot, but if you want to expand interest in PvPs then something needs to be done to address this stuff so more casual players won't be turned off by it. The derisive attitude some have towards more casual players also keeps people away.