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05-14-2012, 11:00 AM
So the first big idea out of the gate is to eliminate faction vs faction...sigh.

The number of people doing pvp is at an all time low because of neglect and the continual addition of balance breaking content. It's not because people don't want to pvp. Millions pvp in games like LoL, Team Fortress 2, etc. Those games are successful because they are fun but also FAIR.

STO space combat is already fun. What it needs is to focus on being fair while expanding the fun.

And when I mean fair I mean for new players and experienced players...for any faction or class. Focusing on this would not hurt pve. It would help it especially in the endgame with STFs where some captain classes feel useless next to their tac captain friends.

So having a cross faction queue is fine but why does it have to replace the current queues? Why can't it be in addition? Some of like faction vs faction. Is this really what the community is asking for?

My impression was that players want:

1. Balance (class and faction)
2. Less petspam and excessive crowd control abilities
3. Bug fixes and a convincing attempt to prevent the addition of new ones
4. PvP ranks
5. Leaderboard
6. A dedicated pvp zone

If there's an issue with queues then how about focusing on a dedicated pvp zone seperated from PvE areas without a queue that featured pvp goals and rewards.

Finally I've spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to pimp out my 4 characters guessed it...pvp. I'm just one example sure, but other games seem to be doing quite well focusing almost exclusively on pvp. There's money to made here.