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here it is the highly anticipated chapter two.

“Close the channel, flank speed ahead, alright, Rivis, what is this ships maximum warp? I am not familiar with this class other than what is in the history books about the NX-01” says Kira. “Warp eight sir, but I recommend warp seven until we break the ship in.” replies Rivis. “We are clear of orbit, captain. Ready to engage warp on your command” Rivis states. “Mirra, what is at the top of the assignment log?” asks Kira. “Patrol of Delta Volanis Cluster, ma’am.” replies Mirra. “Alright, Rivis, plot a course to Delta Volanis, warp seven.” says Kira. “Yes captain, plotting course.” says Rivis. “Course plotted, warp seven standing by.” “Engage course” says Kira. “Yes captain. Course engaged, time to arrival 20 minutes.” replies Rivis. “Good, I am heading down to my quarters to change into my new uniform. Mirra, you have the bridge until I return.” says Kira. “Yes captain” replies Mirra. Kira stands up and leaves the bridge, to go down to the crew deck aka deck three, where her quarters are. After entering her room, she walks over to her bedrooms closet. “This… this is Admiral Quinn’s prank…” says Kira to herself. “I can’t believe he replaced all my uniforms with command tunics…” the same style the Kirk wore on his bridge. Displeased with the Admiral she changes into the new uniform and heads back to the turbolift. “Bridge” Kira states. As the turbolift whirrs into life and begins to move she wonders what the bridge crew is going to say when they see her. As the turbolift opens her science officer a reman female begins laughing. “I’m sorry captain that was impolite of me, Captain on deck.” As everyone turns around to see her, they all start laughing. “Alright alright we get it people, as you were” says Kira. “Status, Rivis?” “We are approaching the Delta Volanis Star Cluster now, just a few more minutes and we’ll be there” Rivis replied. “Are we still in contact range of the spacedock?” asked Kira. “Yes, but once we enter the cluster we won’t be able to make contact” replied Rivis. “Contact Admiral Quinn at once, put him onscreen once you have him, slow to warp five for now.” said Kira. “Yes captain” Rivis replied. As Rivis taps on the helm computer, he talks to himself, “Slowing to warp five, hailing Admiral Quinn… no response captain” “Alright, take us into the cluster. We’ll try and contact Quinn after we leave the cluster.” says Kira. As the ship enters the cluster Rivis activates a mapping beacon to help with charting the sector. “Back at Earth, we were released several nav beacons that have been refit to scan all the area inside their range and map it in the ships computer. All we have to do is drop these beacons throughout the sector and the beacons will do the rest, Captain.” “Excellent, continue with the mapping Ensign” replies Kira. “Ensign Spira, bring the long range scanners online, and begin scanning this cluster, I have a feeling there is another ship out there somewhere.” “Aye, Captain, bringing long range scanners online. I don’t detect any ships out there, but there are a lot more condensed tetryon particle groups than there should be, I recommend tactical alert yellow ma’am” replied Spira. “Alright, all hands, this is the captain, I am initiating tactical alert yellow, man your posts. I repeat, all hands, man your posts. I want this ship ready just in case there are any ships out there” says Kira. “Ensign Rivis deploy four class IV probes to scout the cluster for hostiles.” “Yes captain, probes deploying now” says Rivis. “The probes and the beacons are acting in unison, we have a complete map of all solar systems in this cluster, and we have found the clusters and we believe that they are Klingon ships.” “Klingons here, this is way too far from their empire for them to be here and cloaked.” “Spira can you produce a charged burst of gravitons that we can use to decloak the klingon ship” Kira asks. “I believe I can, I will need to head down to the science and engineering lab to work on it” says Spira. “Alright, get someone to relieve you first, we need all stations manned on the bridge” replies Kira. “Yes, captain” Spira says as she taps her combadge. “Crewman I need you on the bridge asap” says Spira to Crewman Daniels. A few minutes later the turbolift opens and he walks over to Spira. “Ensign, I am reporting as ordered” says Daniels. “Man this station until I return crewman” replies Spira. “Yes, Ensign” says Daniels. On the bridge the mapping efforts continue to put together a better picture of the cluster and keeping tabs on the cloaked ships. While down in the science and engineering labs Spira is working on a particle burst to decloak the ships. “Captain, the particles we are tracking have picked up speed and are headed this way” says Rivis. After tapping her combadge and hearing the chirp Kira says “Spira, how is that particle burst coming, the klingons are coming in at intercept route.” “I am almost done, I am preparing to test it, after that I will transfer control of the particle burst on a massive scale to my bridge station, but as of now it is working on small scale” Spira replies. A couple of minutes later Spira comes out of the turbolift, “Crewman, your relieved, report back to your duty position” says Spira. “I stand relieved, Ensign” replies Crewman Daniels.
“Captain, the klingons have decloaked and are firing at our reactor. There trying to force us down to impulse” says Mirra. “Helm, drop to impulse 10km ahead of where they will, bring us around and standby with weapons” says Kira. “Aye, dropping to impulse, coming around, phaser banks charged and ready, captain” replies Rivis. “Number one, take control of our phaser banks and fire on my mark” says Kira. “I have phaser control, they are in weapons range, standing by to fire” replies Mirra. “Fire a spread of photon torpedoes, stand by on the phasers” says Kira. “Torpedoes away” says Mirra. “Fire phasers target the right side ship. Helm, go to combat maneuvering. All hands Red Alert, Battlestations, I repeat all hands Red Alert, battlestations” says Kira. “Firing all phaser banks, torpedo launchers are firing when in range and arc, we’ve taken hits captain, shields down to 50% structural integrity is at 75% and falling, Rivis we can’t take too many more hits. What is our contingency plan, Captain?” says Mirra. “Priority override on warp coils, standby to engage warp ten, course: back to Earth” says Kira. “Captain warp eight is unsafe, much less warp ten, I don’t think we can keep that speed long enough to get to earth, and the klingons can match that speed with ease” replies Rivis. “I don’t care about excuses right now Rivis, either we get back to Earth now, or we lose the ship and the crew, so I’ll even allow you to chose which option is better, lose the ship here by the klingons, or in orbit of Earth, where we can evacuate the ship before the warp core goes to breach” asks Kira. “Alright, activating priority overrides on warp core, maneuvering around to match course destination, engaging warp ten on your mark captain” replies Rivis. “Engage, now” says Kira. “Course engaged, warp ten, I am already reading fluctuations in our warp core’s matrices. We left the klingons in the dust literally; it appears some of our warp plasma was vented as we went to warp. Approaching Earth at high speed” says Rivis. “Slow to warp eight. All hands this is the Captain, begin evacuating to the shuttlebay, as soon as we reach Earth, blast out of the shuttlebay and get as far away as you can get. Mirra, break out the emergency transport transponders, we are going to need them” says Kira.