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05-14-2012, 01:33 PM
I think my issue was the map I was spawning on, I woke u this morning, entered a patrol mission like before, but this time my map was different?

I have no idea why, maybe it depends on the exact location of my ship in sector space? But I was closer to Defera system than Deferi outpost 3 this time.

So just look for Patrols, and make sure you are on the map with the gas clouds and green nebula backround, not the red/yellow nebula backround. You will see the snosk as you warp in on the map, at this exact location.

In order to find these capital ships, you should search the map for the specific location if it isn't there, you leave map and repeat. You should wait 30-60 seconds before rejoining the map.

So Spawn Locations

Snosk: Deferi Patrol 11 o' Clock ( The left from where you spawn )
Desna: Deferi Outpost 3 4:30 o' Clock ( Inbetween the bottom and right relays )
Istapp: Kelvani Belt 2 o' Clock ( A decent distance past the Mining Facility )