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# 380 Oh The Horror!!!
05-14-2012, 01:52 PM
There I was.

Just walked in the door at 0530 from another really crappy day at work.

I sat down and opened STO.

I did my Doff jobs like normal.

I went up to the ship and started my Childrens Toys and a few more Doff missions..

Then I beamed back down to DS9 and put the stuff I'd picked up during the day on the exchange.

Then I started checking the Doffs in the exchange to see what was new.

Here was a nice new Diagnostic Engineer with Resolve and Subborn for 60,000,000.

I had 68,000,000.

So I bought him.

I beam back to the ship thinking I'd put him to work making a console.

I cancel the mission I'd already started a few minutes earlier and try to start a new one.


Oh No...

In my bad moodyness......................................... ....


Anyhow, there's now a Kilnk Diagnostic Engineer with Resolve and Stubborn on the exchange for 62,000,000 screaming 'Buy Me Buy Me'