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Distinction Chapter Three:

“Mirra!!! Hurry up, we are nearly to Earth” cries Kira. “Here I just found them. One for everyone, once we are in range of the space dock activate them and you will be beamed out automatically” says Mirra. After tapping her combadge and hearing the chirp Kira says “Chief how is the evacuation coming.” “75% of the crew are in the ship’s shuttles and runabouts. After everyone is in ill board the last small craft, a fighter for my personal evacuation. Apart from the bridge crew and the engineering crew I expect 5% of the people aboard will have to use emergency transport transponders, but I don’t think we will have enough of them will may have to use the actual transporter to get them off the ship. This still brings up another problem. With the engineering and bridge crews all using the transponders, our standard transporters are going to be backed up, unless we beam them out first, and then we risk the two crews who are using the transponders, and this ship doesn’t have escape pods so those 10-15 people are going to be stuck behind or the 20-25 people that are using the transponders will be stuck behind, it may be a difficult choice but it has to be made, and right now” says Chief Adjoins. “Get those 10-15 as many transponders as we have left. Then let them decide who gets those transponders. I will not order someone to stay behind to their death, but if they want to volunteer that’s different. Do not tell them this, but I think those that do will be getting commendations and posthumous promotion. Kira Out, see you on the other side chief” replies Kira. “Captain, we are entering the Sol System” says Rivis. “Alright, drop us to warp six and take us to Earth. All hands this is the Captain, we are approaching Earth, Small craft, prepare to evacuate. Computer, make a datalog of the mission and make a hard copy for me” says Kira. “Rivis, hail Admiral Quinn, inform him of situation.” “Yes captain, hailing the Admiral, I have a response, putting it onscreen” says Rivis. “Captain, why are you back so soon” says Admiral Quinn. “We were attacked by klingons in the Delta Volanis Cluster. I activated priority override on the warp coils, and we are nearly at breach here, I have 85% of the crew in small craft, engineering crew as well as the bridge crew all have emergency transponders on them. The chief determined that 3 people will be forced to stay behind, 3 people elected to stay. We are about to drop out of warp. I hope you are ready to recover small craft and your transporter standing by to recover us with the transponders. Now, close channel and drop us out of warp, see you on the other side admiral” says Kira. “Dropping us out of warp” says Rivis. “We are at impulse speed captain.” “Open the shuttlebay, instruct the engineering teams to activate the transponder. All small craft, go NOW!!!!” says Kira. “It’s just us now captain” says Mirra. “All of you activate your transponders. NOW GO” says Kira. As the last of the people beam out she taps her beacon and is beamed out of the ship, seconds before the warp core goes to breach. “Welcome back, Lieutenant… you’ve been out of it for nearly a week now” says Admiral Quinn. “It was a shame to see the Avenger go; she was the last of her class. I have a new ship for you, and I am promoting you to Captain, the U.S.S. Spitfire is yours. It’s a Sao Paulo class warship, and it currently undergoing a retrofit it is receiving a third aft mounted turret and it will have a cloaking device by the time you will take command. All you need to worry about is resting up. Your will need all the rest you can get, because after rearming your ship at DS9 I am sending you to the front lines. This conflict with the Klingons has gone far enough and we cannot allow them to continue into our space. I have an executive order from the President of the Federation, it is for you, and it is the details of your assignments. Once you feel better read it.

Two Weeks Later…

“Ah there you are Captain; I have a few people joining your crew on the Spitfire. First, Commander Deanna Anien I recommend her for helm and first officer, she is one of the best helmsman in the fleet. Lieutenant Commander M’erri will be your chief medical officer. Lieutenant Junior Grade Gumar I am recommending him to be your armory officer, Mirra is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, as is Spira. I also have Lieutenant Commander Ranaph as your Head of Engineering, and Lieutenant Goor, as Chief of Operations. That means your department heads will be Deanna-Tactical, M’erri-Medical, Spira-Science, Mirra-Security, Ranaph-Engineering, Goor-Ops” says Admiral Quinn. “Yes sir, so what are my immediate orders” asks Kira. “Report to DS9, Captain Kurland will be in charge of your rearmament, after that, it is up to you, follow the executive order and you’ll do fine” replies Admiral Quinn. “Alright, is my ship ready to leave the station” asks Kira. “Yes, it is. They are waiting for you before they leave” says Admiral Quinn.

the "small" fight scene took forever to write out.