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05-14-2012, 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by King_Moloch View Post
Huh. I actually looked up ships in service and history for most of those. I used to disposition the Mt Whitney, there and has never been a Dahlgren that I'm aware of and it's entirely likely that you have me on ignore, which is cool too.
Why would I have you on ignore?? There's actually one 1 real person on game or in forums that I have on ignore that it's just this one really annoying dude from Defera.

I actually like the way Dahlgren sounds when spoken, I did a google search on it and found the 3 military vessels that had the name and then checked google images and found there are a few people on STO using that name so unfortunately that's a no go. I know I'm being incredibly picky. lol

I'm going to have a Battle Star Galactica Model on one side of my entertainment center and an Excelsior Class on the otherside just waiting for an epic battle, it just screams for an epically unique and completely different name.

where's a Earth: Final Conflict taelon random name generator when you need one, their names are so different and cool sounding lol