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05-15-2012, 03:06 AM
And had another case of 'I'll protect the Kang' in Cure Normal earlier.

A classic case, where the person in question (flying an Odyssey) boldly, and loudly, proclaimed this failed quite spectacularly. In fact, the first three BOP's killed the optional before anyone could get back there to assist. Once the initial BOP's were dealt with we flew off to deal with generators etc, advising the Oddy Captain to let us know if he needed help. No reply was forthcoming from Oddy Captain and we therefore carried on with the task at hand.

Unfortunately, after despatching a few geneators, I looked back again only to note that the second wave of BOP's were overwhelming the Oddy too, which was ( in fairness) firing at one of them. However, whilst the Oddy was busy with that one the other two were busy blasting the Kang. Sadly, whilst a few of us reached the Kang in time to despatch two of the BOP's, and throw heals at the Kang, the damage was already done and a plasma torpedo that no-one was able to intercept in time killed the mission.

Guess it was partly the team's fault - I suppose we should have kept better watch of the Kang, though I guess it is easy to mistake overconfidence for experience.

I'd have to admit, too, that I can't help but wonder if the Oddy Captain did this on purpose, as discussed in another thread (referring to people joining STF's with the intention of making them fail).