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05-15-2012, 04:15 AM
While I wouldn't mind seeing this, chances are it's impractical for a few reasons.

* The first is that it would require a good bit of remodeling to compensate for its auxiliary craft and saucer sep powers.
* The second is that they'd have to clear the saucer sep with CBS. I think they would be hesitant to allow this.
* The third comes down to a handling characteristics issue - the Assault Cruiser isn't the fastest ship in the fleet but it's a lot easier to handle than the space whale that is the Ody.
* The fourth is that Cryptic knows how popular the Assault Cruiser is - I daresay it's probably the most popular ship in the game, except for MAYBE the Odyssey (which seems to have a very universal appeal, though given its flexibility that's hardly surprising, even in prototype form). So they'd like to make a few more sales on it.

None are insurmountable except perhaps the second, but all in all, not going to make it cost effective. I would not be too surprised to see the AC refit coming out relatively soon, either - even though there have been many cruisers as of late, the AC is of such popularity that I imagine it might go ahead of a number of potential escorts or science ships.
yeah, you are right. It's just that i really love that design so much that i don't want it to be so "non-universal" as is it's free version. It's a good cruiser, but the oddy is better in my opinion. So i really, really don't want cryptic to mess this ship up with some ****** BOFF layout.