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05-15-2012, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01
I'd have to admit, too, that I can't help but wonder if the Oddy Captain did this on purpose, as discussed in another thread (referring to people joining STF's with the intention of making them fail).
If it was a real troll, I'd have expected them to queue for Elite rather than Normal.

On the other hand; the Kang on Normal can take a lot of punishment compared to on Elite. If you throw it a Tac Team 1 and a Transfer Shield Strength it can nearly cope with a wave of BOPs firing at it by itself... and BOPs die a heck of a lot faster on Normal - you nearly need to make a conscious effort to suck so badly that you can't kill a wave of them by yourself.

It's possible to build an Oddy that can handle two waves of BoPs on Elite. And that's not "min-maxed" - I've managed it with only Mk XI weapons (and whilst I've got a good bit of Cruiser pilotting experience I'm certainly not the best pilot out there). One wave on normal should be no problem. I'm convinced that some of those people just sit at 25 Weapons power with one MKIV beam array on autofire...