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05-15-2012, 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by xceptionzero View Post
dx11 user (ati hd 4650) and yes sometimes i have trails sometimes i dont
I doubt you are going to get much out of (other than mutilthreaded rendering) dx11 with a dx10 or 10.1 (forgot which) card.

I don't know if mutithreaded rendering would be allowed in the games dx9 mode (it depends on wheither whoever made the engine said dx11 compatible card features only for dx11 mode or we will allow dx9/10/10.1 cards in dx11 mode and say its dx9 mode still). Someone correct me if i'm extremely confused and this statement is wrong.

Hmm wonder how useful Multithreaded rendering actually is on my i5480m with Turbo Boost Disabled (due to power comsumption and temp. (90 degrees celcius) issues. And no my cooling is perfectly fine my GPU playing STO is at 70 degrees (shared GPU/CPU cooling) 100% usage for at least 1 hour play time. So nobody say OMG 90 degrees your going to fry your CPU that seems to be perfectly fine (my CPU was under stress testing while GPU at 100% with crysis to get 90 though. For laptops 90 degrees lasts you ages and overclocking Deticated Laptop graphics is perfectly fine to do. Sorry if I have gotten far far to off topic (since this is STO forums) but i enjoy/ed writing this. Also problebly a really good idea to turn off GPU accerated particles.

Oh and I'm not getting any problems with engine trails. Max Graphics (other than number of physics objects and number of lights and 4x instead of 8x AA). dx mode on Auto.