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05-15-2012, 09:16 AM
Oh lets see here for an accurate boff layout to the NCC1701E

Commander Riker -- Commander Tactical
Commander LaForge -- Commander Engineer
Lt. Commander Data -- Lt. Commander Universal
Doctor Crusher -- Commander Sci
Counselor Troi -- Lt Commander Sci
Commander Worf -- Commander Tactical
Lt. Hawk (or other minor command officer) -- Lt Tactical

So don't think we will ever see this in game...way to unbalanced...

However something that I thought might make a good addition with the T6 ships coming out is to set up some ships (maybe 1/2 of each class) that utlilize the standard layouts with 1 added power, the captain power. Oh they might have to make some new captain level boff powers (ie: Gravity Well IV, THY IV, DEM IV)

Example: Assault Cruiser T6

Captain Engineer
Lt Commander Engineer
Lt Science
Lt Tactical
Ens Tactical

Again, just an idea