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05-15-2012, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by Shar487
Most combat impulse engines have very low top speeds, so while they are adequate for slow, lumbering cruisers, they are not very good when compared their hyper-impulse counterparts.

I could see the above happening for normal mode cubes, but Elite STF cubes have a good deal more hull. With Transphasic Torpedoes having the lowest base damage , and Borg ships running thin shields + massive hulls, it makes little sense to use transphasics in STF's from a DPS optimization perspective. Sure, they will work, but they are far less effective than simply downing the target borg's paper-thin shields, then punching higher kinetic damage torpedoes through.

If there is a compelling reason to run 20% shield penetration + low kinetic damage torps vs. easily breached breached borg shields + massive hull numbers, then I'll be happy to hear it.
role playing? breen set + torp build sounds to me like Intrepid retrofit with ablative on. The trasphasics would fit in with role playing while being much less effective overall.