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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta View Post
Well, it sort of had to get a refit before it was "lost". It was heavily damaged during Nemesis, so they repaired and refitted the ship before sending her off to her fate.

During Nemesis, the Enterprise E had 16 phaser arrays, 9 torpedo tubes, that neat skin tight shielding similar to what the Enterprise-A had (Which is essentially a giant replicator creating another skin of the ship just a few meters away from the actual hull) and the argo shuttle which was useless beyond reproach.

It had no special armor beyond the standard ablative armor that the Defiant and Lakota had, it had no special phaser arrays to find cloaked ships, no cannons, no cloak, no massive phaser lance, it had nothing super special about it. It was an assault craft with a ton of phasers, torps, and massive shield power. Honestly if it comes out with anything short of this, it'd be a kick in the nuts to the Enterprise-E. It's boff loadout should be similar to that of an escort, since it is an "assault" cruiser, you should have "assault" abilities. Not big wads of engineering powers and special science abilities.

Just my two CPs.
The E had a refit before nemesis but after insurrection so after the dominion war ended. Also it was being repaired at space dock at the end of nemesis which they were planning to do another refit to her, apparently the nemesis E in the movie is actually a half done refit. They split the refit in two and we would have seen the final phase refit at the end of the movie. . In sto timeline after nemesis but before the E went missing she had another major refit.

I think the skin tight shields and special phasers as seen in nemesis would be a cool addition. Also add another 2 weapons slots so we can have 3 phasers forward and aft plus 2 torpedo launchers each side or 4 phasers each side and 2 torpedoes each side.