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05-15-2012, 09:50 PM
Good to hear. .as Work alone.. Nice to Branch out and not aways Left Right Left march away summer.

I think Brothers sworn off Epacs at his place for bargain PC choices and gone back to more resilient brands
with upgradable futures.. I think loading Quake up scared the poor Epacs MB to fry.. and a cheap Surge bar

Extra time on your hands well then.. Ok.. pick up a do-it-your-self- Build a PC guide.. You could by-pass
certain Boutique . tweaks and buy a Case w good fans and PS and more brand componets then you think
from a PC store near a Campus thats been around.. downside is generic versions abound there too..

Take a trip to the Library or used book store for a back issue of MAximum PC for Dream Machine ideas from a few differant years.. CNet for reviews and Consumer Reports Electronics for Comparisons and that
will give you price ranges and options..

Short term temp fix to get you on net.. but save and build a PCs also an acomplishment you can take pride in.. You could also buy a cheap beige case see and sand it and paint it w auto paint and air brush..