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05-15-2012, 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
would have loved to see the galaxy R with a flight deck...or one of the oddys. But i guess they have this massive hangar bay doors just for decoration.
the hangar door of the oddy must be atleast 40m brought.
And since the galaxy R is basically a slimmed down oddy it could use some real "refit"

PS: Of all starfleet ships...the star cruiser and all it's variations are, in my opinion, the ugliest ships in the milky way...only topped by that one sovy variation...the imperial i think it's called, and the Galaxy class variations. 5 or 6 designs that should have gone to the waste paper basket right after the first sketch was made.
Seconded. I want a Galaxy-R carrier with a commander science station.