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05-16-2012, 03:35 AM
Going off of what treaen from the first reply, and this may sound risky, but they should put some elements from the Sims into STO.
Give Boff some personality traits. These can be customizable or randomly generated. These, along with what species they are will determined their dialogues in the short term and even Boff specific missions in the long run.
The whole friendlyness meter thing is a great idea. This can tie into gameplay with how efficient each boff is. Boff on a friendly term with you, the player, will have faster cool down time in their abilities, but those on a less friendly term will have slower cool down time.
These relationship things can have randomly generated missions.
Remember Wolf and Dax getting merry? There could be a wedding mission. You can let them go on a honey moon and they'll be unavailable to be assigned as department head or be put into a boff slot for a short time (day or two), BUT after they return, they will get permanent boost and if they both get put into a boff slot, they'll get a buff in aspect of what ever department they are in.
There can be missions involving disputes between two of your boff. These can be chained mission too. If you keep failing to help them make up, their efficiency will go down.

I would love to see my Boff in their assign area too, but I wouldn't mind seeing each of my Boff getting a room in the crew deck and depending on the time, I can find them there instead of their station. Their rooms will also depend on their personality and what species they are.