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05-16-2012, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by igorvalentine
Thanks for the input everyone!

How is the carrier? I noticed the turn rate is really bad. After playing through the lieutenant level, I swore I would never take a ship with a bad turn rate again. It drove me BONKERS, lol. Something else I noticed, the carrier only has 4 boff slots. Is that a hindrance?
The Atrox has an identical boff configuration to the DSSV, except that instead of a leutenant and ensign engineering stations, you get a leutenant commander station. The only problem that causes is that I lost an efficient bridge officer on my main, bringing me from 4 to 3 and losing 0 power (unless that rounds but I don't care). I just moved my DSSV build to the Atrox, as I was running the DSSV as a light cruiser anyway.

The turn rate is a problem. Ways I've found to turn around:

Evasive Maneuvers
Hyper Engines, shifting power to engines and/or running a high power build
Deuterium Surplus (daily just north of Ker'rat in the Alhena system)
Aux2ID (it works but takes your aux2 slot)

Except for Tachyon Beam, you should have no problems getting your front 90 degrees on your target for whatever power you want to use, especially when using the Danube Runabouts, which are lulzy if you aren't being shot by them.

I won a 2v1 in my Atrox yesterday vs 2 tacs in escorts. 5 kills, 0 deaths