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05-16-2012, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by nyxadrill
This. I like the sound of this. Where is if from? I googled for it but just came up with this thread!! lol

I understand the dificulty though. I press rename everytime on commisioning a ship...and my mind goes blank!

Every toon I have thats had a runabout (Danube or Yellowstone) has always had it named after a river, as per the runabouts in DS9.
Actually it was just some random wordplay and mash ups in my head lol.

the Traelon part is actually influenced from Earth: Final Conflict (another Gene Roddenberry show for those that don't know) The Aliens on there were named Taelons, and I always liked the way their names and language sounded and flowed. The "R" was added obviously to create a different name fragment and still flows well with the "aelon" segment.

The "lonis" "lonia" segments are from my love of the legend of King Arthur, camelot, and Avalon with the "ia" addition to Avalon, it also refers a micro continent that once existed. The "is" addition to the Traelonis name was a fragment from another favorite legend of mine, being the Legend of Atlantis.